Niagara Youth Integration Program

WHC’s youth program is comprised of two main youth groups:

1) The Multicultural Youth Group – This group will meet weekly for both educational and recreational activities. We will have tutors available at the centre two days per week after school for homework help in the subjects of Math, Science and English. I will also be organizing exciting recreational events such as game nights and bowling for the youth to participate in. This group is open to both newcomer youth and Canadian youth from the ages of 14-21.The goal of the multicultural youth group is to diminish racism and discrimination and promote the sharing of cultures and tolerance of differences, while allowing the youth to access support and have fun together.

2) The Youth Council Committee- This group is composed of 6 newcomer youth ages 14-21. The Youth Council Committee is a great opportunity for our newcomer youth to develop leadership and responsibility skills. This group will be discussing the challenges that the youth themselves and their newcomer peers face in both school and the wider community and brainstorm ways to break down these barriers. The youth will take part in volunteer activities within the community and plan events for the multicultural youth group. The Youth Council Committee from the Welland Heritage Council will also be meeting with the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council to advocate for the changes they wish to see in the community. Participation in the Youth Council Committee will require dedication from the youth to attend all monthly meetings and events. As an incentive, the youth will earn community service hours as they volunteer in meetings and event planning.


We also offer advocacy services for newcomer youth. If your child is struggling in school due difficulties with English or other challenges related to your recent immigration to Canada, please contact us today!