Internationally Educated Health Professionals HUB Project

Are You An Internationally Educated Health Professional Seeking to Re-Enter Your Profession in Canada or a Health Care Employer Wanting to Hire? We can help!

Internationally Educated Health Professional HUB Project

Receive career pathway information, referrals, and advocacy to guide you back to work in Canada in your profession or to choose an alternative including:

· Assistance with foreign credential assessment information and supports

· Assistance with regulated profession licensing information and navigating regulatory body requirements throughout the process

· Referral to low interest loan options to assist with related expenses

· Information about bridging programs and other courses to prepare for employment

· Opportunities to network and connect with other IEHPs further along in the process

· Referrals to support services that assist with employment and obtaining recent practice requirements

· Receive Canadian Workplace Culture and Diversity and Inclusivity Trainings

· Diversity and Inclusivity Training provided to IEHP employers to support retention and healthy workplaces

Open to all Niagara residents and pre-arrivals who are Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Persons granted Refugee Status and legally permitted to work in Canada.

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Funded in part by the Government of Canada’s  Foreign Credential Recognition Program