Newcomer Settlement Services

The Newcomer Settlement Program (NSP) provides information, referral, and general guidance to help refugee claimants and other new Canadians adjust to a new life in Canada. Services are free, always confidential, and include the following:

· Assistance with employment-related needs, housing, education, health-related, etc
· Connecting newcomers to other service agencies
· Resources for translation or interpretation of documents
· Assistance with paperwork related to the settlement process, i.e. government forms, correspondence, appointments, family reunification, etc.
· Facilitating highly informative workshops and information sessions

Benefits for Newcomers

· Learn about Canadian culture and values
· Have a safe place to address concerns and challenges
· Receive adequate support, encouragement and tools to help make the right decisions

The Multicultural Network of Niagara Falls started in 1995 as a satellite office and continues to offer settlement services every Wednesday out of the Niagara Falls Public Library.

All these services are provided by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

Book an Appointment

Meetings with our settlement counsellors are by appointment only and should be booked at least 24 hours in advanced whenever possible. If you have an urgent matter, please call before coming in as we cannot guarantee a settlement counsellor will be available for walk-ins. Please call 905 732 5337 to book an appointment.