Rent Wise

The Ready to Rent program is a series of six, two hour workshops to tell newcomers everything that they need to know to be prepared to rent an apartment or home in Canada.

This 6 class program will be offered during new dates coming soon :


Getting Started: 

  • What landlords need from renter
  • What landlords see in you as a renter
  • How to get housing if you had problems in the past
  • Four tools to get better housing

Solving Problems: 

  • Understand secured and unsecured credit
  • Two credit traps
  • Make a Read to Rent Plan

Get Money: 

  • Making goals
  • Estimating your spending
  • Make a spending plan

Shop for your New Home: 

  • Decide what you can afford for housing
  • Learn about the 1/3 rule for rent
  • Learn how to read ads for housing
  • Improve communication skills for phone calls and meetings with landlords
  • Get ready to apply for housing
  • Learn what a rental agreement is and how to follow

Settling In: 

  • Make a plan to keep your home safe
  • Make a list of rules landlords want you to follow
  • Learn how to get along better with your landlord

Moving On: 

  • Decide if a lease would work for you
  • Start planning for your move in to a new home
  • Learn about the 60 day notice rule
  • Learn about eviction
  • Learn how to use your last months rent deposit when you leave